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                            IAPD University

                            IAPD provides numerous training options for companies of all types and sizes. Companies with formal training programs use IAPD's educational resources to enhance their existing training offerings. Companies that don't have a training program in place use IAPD's programs to train their employees at a fraction of the cost of developing their own programs.

                            IAPD University? encompasses IAPD's training and educational materials such as certificate programs, technical resources and e-training webinars. Many of these offerings are free online learning opportunities, giving participants the convenience to expand their plastics knowledge anywhere, anytime at no cost.



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                            Featured Safety Course

                            MARCOM's interactive course on Back Safety emphasizes the importance of overall back care, both on and off the job, including exercises and weight control. Areas covered in the course include how the back works, common types and causes of back injuries, effects of back injuries, injury prevention and safety practices, proper lifting techniques, basic back exercises and more.


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